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Beverly Hills certainly understands the power of art, its ability to stimulate, entertain, and enhance. ✨🌴


Though, this collection are not as simple as they appear. I incorporate slight geometric discrepancies that forces the viewer to look beyond the object’s literal nature. 🌟


Once viewed intentionally, the work possesses a potential energy, potentially preparing to pounce. ⚡️


The assumed simplicity of this new piece is a great illusion, not demanding anything and not calling unwanted attention.


But, to those willing to investigate, “Silver Lining” creates a surprising sense of urgency as the brave viewer questions the work’s increasingly disquieting sensation. The meaning that there’s hope or something good to be found in every bad situation.


Materials: Canvas, Wood, Soft (Yarn, Cotton, Fabric)

Styles: Fine Art, Pop Art, Abstract

Mediums: Acrylic, Oil, Ink

Painting Print: Acrylic on Canvas

Artist Produced Limited Edition of: 2

Frame: Gold Framed

Ready to Hang: Yes

Packaging: Ships in a Box

Includes: Certificate of Authenticity and Declaration of Authenticity

Beverly Hills Sliver Lining

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