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      Since I was a school teacher working my way up the education ladder, I thought to myself, “Have I really lived my best life?”

After two years of dedication, I started working in New York City teaching and creating artwork for the MoCADA Museum in Brooklyn. Soon after, I started creating art and marketing for Sony Music and Verizon as well. These opportunities definitely boosted my confidence to create more art and finally open my gallery in Los Angeles.

The gallery isn’t just a place of selling art but a helping tool for the community to bring their gifts into action. 

George Rosaly
Founder of Gr Art Gallery



in between


of paint

Contact us and bring a new expression to your space

10880 Wilshire Boulevard, Village Suite 1101, Los Angeles, CA 90024

Phone: (619)-381-5332

Fax: (323)-372-3903

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